Sunday, December 27, 2009

Version 2 of the BELL Family in York document

I hope you have enjoyed reading version one of my document. Since its release I have contiued to research and have made some changes based on that research and feedback from some of you - thanks very much for your contribution. I have also added extra information on the BELL family in Cardiff and Scotland prior to the migration to Australia.

A partial copy of version 2 is at .This is in markup mode which enables you to more easily view the changes. (This shows added information in red and deletions are shown to the right in the margin)

One BIG find was the supply of a photo of William BELL which was provided by a person whose great Aunt is Emma BELL (formally FRASER and nee COX) - a very big thank you to you.

Another great find was the folowing 2 photos my dad (Ernest Colin BEll WILKIE) found. The one of Mabel BELL (nee NELMES) was taken in Perth Western Australia on 22/11/1952 at my parents wedding. The second of Mable with hers sons is estimated to have been taken in late 1952 early 1953.

Any feedback and additional information would be greatly appreciated.

All the best for the new year

Graham Wilkie

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo's of Mabel BELL with her children in early 1950's

The following 2 photo's recently came to light from my father.

In the first one Mabel BELL (nee NELMES) is with her 3 daughters (left to right): Marjorie Elaine WILKIE, Doris Lillian WHERRY & Winifred Mabel POOLE. The photo appears to have been taken at the wedding of  my parents Ernest Colin WILKIE & Helene Marie BLANC on 22/11/1952.

In the second one Mabel BELL (nee NELMES) is with her 4 sons (left to right)  Horace Alexander BELL, Ronald Temple BELL, Arthur Herbert BELL & Robert Edwin BELL.

I hope these photo's are of value to you.

A photo of William BELL has finally come to hand

A photo of William BELL was provided to me by a relative of Emma BELL (formaly FRASER and nee COX). To this point I did not have a photo of William. I do not know when it was taken but assume it would be sometime between 1902 and 1916.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

The document: BELL Family in York: 1897-1923

I have pleasure in making available (free of charge) a copy of my research on the BELL family in York Western Australia.

The story starts with John BELL (1814-1877) & Jane BELL (nee ROSS) (1817-1890) who had 9 children. The family migrated from Wigtown Scotland to Cardiff Wales around 1871 and then 2 sons Robert (my great great grandfather) & Wiliam with some of their own families migrated to York Western Australia from 1897 onwards. I found this fascinating and set about trying to piece the story together. It is not yet complete as there are many unclear areas. I invite you to read and provide any information that gives greater clarity, challenges the information, or just provides another dimension. This document changed several times in its early stages as new information came to hand and I am sure it will change further.

My name is Graham Colin WILKIE and my line to the BELL family is as follows: John & Jane BELL (mentioned above) => Robert BELL => Robert Alexander BELL (& Mabel NELMES) => Marjorie Elaine BELL => Ernest Colin Bell WILKIE => Graham Colin WILKIE

I have directly contacted several Family Tree owners where Hints alerted me to their existance. This message is meant to capture others who may have an interest that I may have missed. This information is also likely to be of interest to the NELMES family. My Great Grandmother Mabel NELMES married Robert Alexander BELL in Cardiff and they came to York Western Australia in 1913.

This document is in a PDF format and unfortunately cannot be attached to the message.
I have however uploaded it to Google Documents and placed a link to it ( If you have difficulty accessing it then please send an email to and I will send by return. Could you include in your email request how you are related to the BELL family if this is curently known?